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We are pleased to announce that eBusiness eXpert was successful in bidding for a European research project funded by EFPF (European Factory Platform). This project will integrate eBIn Cloud services with WASP and other EFPF services. We will do this by integrating our application eBIn Cloud with WASP through REST communication and registering the eBIn services within the WASP marketplace, then WASP users can add those services to their processes; eBin users can also come to WASP and make a process with these services available to them. The EFPF platform interlink digital manufacturing platforms, smart factory tools and Industry 4.0 concepts to realize and support a connected and smart ecosystem of the future.

More information here:

This project/initiative has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825075 – EFPF project

Order-X: the hybrid format of electronic orders

Currently, orders are generally placed by paper, fax, or PDF, which requires data to be re-entered into the information system, or placed by electronic means, EDI, which facilitates integration. The cost of such integration can be relatively high for some SMEs.
This raises the issue of finding a format that is accessible to all types of companies, regardless of the degree of digitalization of their traditional processes and the human and material resources allocated to them.
Drawing on the success of the Factur-X format, the Franco-German standard for electronic invoicing, Order-X was designed on the same principle: the electronic order uses the same data model as Factur-X (SCRDM ).
Following the example of Factur-X, Order-X is a hybrid format made up of PDF and XML formats, with the former being readable by the user and the latter being interpretable by a machine (software application). The XML file is embedded in the transmitted PDF document.
Depending on the needs and capacity of the companies, 3 XML data profiles have been defined:

  • BASIC: the data necessary for operating the order
  • COMFORT: all data inherent to the order
  • EXTENDED: COMFORT data as well as data specific to the "business"

This enables automatic, fast, efficient and reliable order processing by SMEs.
Although the use of a structured EDI format remains the most efficient technology for electronic exchanges between companies in the long term, the Order-X hybrid format represents an efficient alternative in the short/medium term for integrating data into your information system at a competitive cost.

The Order-X format is developed by both the FNFE-MPE and the FeRD . eBusiness eXpert, being a member of the FNFE-MPE, is involved.

For more information, see the FNFE publication here and the FNFE documentation here.

* Supply Chain Reference Data Model
** Forum National de la Facture Électronique et des Marchés Publics Électroniques (France)
*** Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (Deutschland)