A new tax portal called Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk will replace the current tax portal in the Netherlands in 2022. Consequently, taxpayers are required to use compatible software, work with a tax services provider, or use the new portal to file returns.

Taxpayers who are VAT-registered must authenticate their identity using the eHerkenning system with the adoption of the new portal. However, sole traders are exempt from this identity requirement and are permitted to continue using DigiD.

The following returns must be filed using the new portal:

  • First monthly return, covering January, due February 2022
  • First quarter return, due April 2022
  • First annual declaration, due January 2023
Those who are unable to register with the Dutch Commercial Register (Handels register) of the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK) can continue to use the old portal to file VAT returns.

This portal will cease to exist when all taxpayers can switch to Mijn Belastingdiens tZakelijk. These taxpayers can also choose to file their VAT returns using accounting software or through a tax service provider.

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